As cold as it is here in the Midwest right now, spring really isn’t too far away, and with it comes time for a spring cleanup. Before you know it, the temps will start climbing, trees will start budding, and your lawn will start growing. Will you be ready for spring and summer?

Get a head-start on the growing season with a spring cleanup of your property. Barefoot Lawn Care can get your yard in shape for summer and get it prepped for the year ahead. Winter can be tough on a lawn here in the Midwest but a good spring cleaning can get your lawn ready for the season ahead.

Spring cleanup services include: cleaning up any residual leaves from the fall, clearing the yard of debris such as leftover fall leaves, sticks, branches, etc. We can clear out your gutters in preparation for the spring rains and storms to prevent back-ups and damage.

Cleaning up from the long winter is an important start to your yard care program. Not only does it improve the look of your property, it helps prevent molds, fungus, and pests from taking over your yard. You need to start your lawn off on the right foot, in order to prevent problems down the road. Proper spring preparation can save you time and money in the down the road when it comes to your lawn.

Don’t forget to give your yard a head start on weeds with our weed, feed, and pest programs for your lawn. This is also a great time to sign-up for your summer mowing and lawn care services.

Contact us today for your 2018 summer lawn care needs. We are accepting new mowing clients now so don’t wait, lock in your spot now.