Do you need a spring cleanup? Did you forget to do a cleanup last fall? Have leaves and branches sitting on your property that need to be cleared? Spring is coming fast and your lawn needs to be ready to take advantage of the early growth season! Our Leaf Monster is read to go for spring! We are now scheduling clients for Spring Cleanups. If you would like a leaf clean-up estimate, please contact us today! We have several options to fit your needs and budget. We are fully insured and work hard to provide excellent service to our clients.

Full-Service Leaf Cleanup

Our full-service spring cleanup include us clearing leaves and debris from your property. We blow everything to the front and then load, haul, and dump the leaves for you! This is usually done once a year, after the leaves have all fallen from the trees or before the spring growth season. You simply let us know when you are ready for your service and we take care of the rest.

Rake It and Forget It

For those clients who prefer to do some of the work themselves  or those on a budget can save a lot of money with our Rake It and Forget It service. You simply rake or blow the leaves to the curb, and we will do the rest. We mulch it, load it, and dump it for you. No need to purchase lawn bags and tediously fill them yourself, just rake it and forget it.

We can also get you estimates on weekly mowing, lawn applications, seeding, gutter cleaning, aeration, weed control, and more.

We are flexible and can work with you on a custom plan that combines any of these services to meet your needs! If you have other lawn or fall service needs please let us know!