You don’t necessarily think about lawn health and fertilization during the winter months but one of the most important things you can do for a strong healthy lawn, and a quick green-up in the spring, is to put down a winter fertilizer in the late fall or early winter. One of the final steps in the late fall to prepare your lawn for the upcoming cold season is winter fertilization. Despite cold temperatures, many grasses continue to build up food stores and strengthen their root system during the dormancy period. Here are a few reasons why you may want to choose to put down a winter fertilizer this season:

  1. Roots grow deeper and stronger. Deeper roots means better access to water and nutrients.
  2. Cool season grasses take in and store nutrients in the late fall and warmer winter months. 
  3. The potassium content in winter fertilizer protects grass from freezing.
  4. A large amount of your nitrogen in the fertilizers will be taken up in the fall. Cool season grasses take in and store nitrogen into the winter months and use it when soil temperatures drop significantly
  5. Better winter color in some cases. Winter fertilizer promotes a deep green color that lasts longer into the late fall and early winter.
  6. Spring green-up. Winter fertilizer can help your lawn green up faster and earlier in the spring.
  7. Summer weather can stress cool season grasses. Winter fertilizer helps grass recover from summer stress and prepare for the upcoming winter.

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