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mulch volcano

Proper Mulch Installation – The Dangers of Mulch Volcanoes

Mulch is crucial to maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape. It conserves moisture, regulates soil temperature, adds aesthetic appeal, and helps control weeds. However, improper mulch application can lead to numerous problems, including the notorious "mulch volcano." Understanding the right way to apply mulch and the pitfalls to avoid is...

Rubber Tires on Fire. Rubber Tires are recycled into mulch

Rethinking Rubber: Hidden Dangers of Rubber Mulch in Your Garden

Rubber mulch, often touted for its eco-credentials due to its origin from recycled tires, has found a niche in landscaping and playground surfaces. Its proponents highlight benefits like unmatched durability, vibrant color retention, and effective weed suppression. However, beneath these apparent advantages lie concerns that cast a long shadow over...