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Fall Lawn Services

Time to Schedule You Fall Lawn Services

Fall is an important time of year for your lawn. After a long hot summer, cooler weather and more rain means your cool season grass is coming out of dormancy. We offer several services to prep your lawny for the winter, and hit the ground running in the spring.  We...

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fall cleanup kansas city

Fall Cleanup and Lawn Services

Our spring and fall clean-up service involves removing leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the summer and winter seasons.  Fall clean-ups keep your lawn tidy and healthy. Getting rid of leaves and debris will help prevent pests and disease from moving in during the...

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weekly mowing

Weekly Mowing vs. Bi-Weekly Mowing

Is Weekly Mowing the Ideal Schedule? A question we often get from clients is, "How often should I be mowing my grass?".  The answer is not as straightforward as you may think. Ideally, your mows would coincide with your lawn's rate of growth, which varies based on the time of...

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Mowing Service Scheduling is Open for 2019 Season

We are now accepting new mowing clients for the 2019 mowing season. We mow our client's lawns on a weekly basis, as conditions permit. Grass is mulched and redistributed onto the lawn to aid in a nutrient rich soil and reduce waste. We trim and edge the yard and all...

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Lawn Care Kansas City

Spring is Just Around the Corner

As cold as it is here in the Midwest right now, spring really isn't too far away, and with it comes time for a spring cleanup. Before you know it, the temps will start climbing, trees will start budding, and your lawn will start growing. Will you be ready for...

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